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Apt Computer Repair

Ozhub is a leading computer repair in Melbourne and Sydney. It brings the best of IT technology at your fingertips. For this, we utilise our superior technical skills to provide reliable IT support for your business. Through years of commitment and trust, we are able to attain a sustainable growth of the organisation. It is a fact that the best infrastructure you have the more you flourish. Everything needs maintenance so does your system. The regular maintenance keeps them in working condition. Quality is never compromised on our part and this makes us preferred choice among our competitors.

Any brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows and all the others!

  • New Tablet Setup

  • Slow Computer

  • Won’t Switch On

  • New Computer Setup


Repairing Center

LCD Screen Repair

LCD screen can incur damage as it is too sensitive to mechanical shocks and heat. It can also suffer damage due to other reasons. Hence the LCD requires immediate repair in such cases.

Hard Drive Repair

If the hard drive is not responding and it contains important data then no need to worry, we do have some great data recovery tools.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage may look severe, but our perfect clean-up and restoration can produce amazing results if done.

Laptop LCD Screen Repair

If you are looking for the Laptop LCD Screen Repair, get in touch with Ozhub where we offer the best LCD Screen Repair.

No Fix No Fee


We are so confident about our services that we can say if we don’t fix the problem, please don’t pay. All the repairs are done with the aid of our competent team and within the defined time frame. You can rely on us to find solutions to any problem and provide customised services as well. We do our best to identify, analyse, and fix any obstacle related to computer hardware and software. So whatever your repair requirement is we fix it. Feel free to contact us within working hours.


Repair Warranty

Computer Repairing Service is provided by a team of highly experienced professionals on the basis of the client’s requirements. While repairing, we replace its defective components to bring it in working condition. We offer 30 days warranty from the date of repair. Our sole motto is to enhance the efficiency of the computer by giving you the best repair solutions. Our warranty is fool-proof and we ensure to do our best to provide reliable solutions. You can contact us anytime with queries and issues. We will do our best to cater to any problem you may be facing. Your feedback is important to us so we can continue to adapt to your needs and surpass your expectations.

Reliable Support

Server and Application Support

If you are looking for Server and Application Support, then we are just a click away from you. Our technical team can very easily configure changes in the existing servers as per your business requirement. We also manage servers and server banks, including remote desktop servers. If required, we can diagnose and troubleshoot server and application configuration and operational problem.

Just Want Help

Custom Software, Network and Email Configuration


Ozhub understands how to fully optimise data centre and enterprise networks. So, if you have any such requirements, we can optimise and improve the performance, security and resiliency of your network. This will help your workforce to stay productive. Also, a good network will help you grow your business exponentially.

Email Configuration

We provide apt email configuration services to the clients. The wide array of Email Configuration service includes automatic backups of mail stored on their servers, support for secure protocols for sending and retrieving emails, client configuration help, and spam-filtering. Our email configuration services are secure, quick and safe to use.

Software Installation

We can help you with all kinds of software installations services. Whether it is about installing the simple programs, or the complicated installs, we can take the mystery out of software installation and use. Before installing, we also ensure the computer compatibility. We also perform necessary software updates if required.

Pristine Repair

We strongly believe that a skilled and reliable computer support is very essential in the modern era. Hence, we offer pristine repair for all computers and laptops in Melbourne and Sydney. These services are rendered by the expert panel of technicians who hold immense expertise in their domain. Our sole aim is to enhance the performance of the computers to make your life easy.

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